Give Back!

Give Back! offers professionals the opportunity to give to something bigger than themselves. Whether you're 25 or 75, we offer many opportunities to use your time, skills, and resources to help Envision Cleveland maximize our impact as we seek to transform neighborhoods across Cleveland!

The following are just a few examples of how you can give back and make an impact in people's lives. If there are other ways you feel you can give back, just let us know!


Host Couple/Person

Every year, Envision Cleveland hosts teams from the End of May through the second week in August. We are looking for a couple or a person who would like to give back by providing meals and housekeeping skills to host our visiting teams in our short-term team housing facility in Cleveland. If you love hosting and showing hospitality to others, this is a great opportunity to bless visiting volunteers from all over the United States as they come to learn and make an impact in our city!


Skilled Trades

Do you have experience in construction trades like plumbing, electrical, or carpentry? You can give back by joining with our efforts to transform neighborhoods through the rehabilitation of properties, and you can help us to bless our partner organizations with much needed building repairs and renovations.


Graphic Design & Videography

Have skills in graphic design, videography, or marketing? You can give back and help us at Envision Cleveland to better communicate how our efforts are working to transform neighborhoods across Cleveland. Each year, special projects, youth camps, and other communityengagement events are happening all across the city. By giving back through your valuable skills you can help us to better inform Envision Cleveland's supporters about the work that is being done through their generosity!