Missional Leadership Training

Come serve and learn with Envision Cleveland in a Cross-Cultural/ Urban environment! You will be given broad ministry exposure, intentional discipleship and leadership development as you seek to prepare yourself to join in God’s mission. Below is a list of areas of ministry exposure that you could be involved with…

Local Church Ministry
Art Camps
Refugee/ Immigrant Engagement
Pre-Church Planting Cultivation
Special Needs Engagement

Public School Engagement
Community Development
Urban Home Rehabilitation
Urban Gardening
Sports Camps
Social Justice

We provide three levels of engagement…

Summer MLT

Cost $1500.00 (Last Saturday in May through Second Saturday in August)

MLT 3 months to 1 year

Cost $800.00 a month (Start dates are September & January) 

Resident (1-2 years)

Please Inquire for details

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