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Blair Porter is a young woman with a huge passion for missions and ministries. Currently, Blair is an undergraduate student at Cleveland State University, studying social work and nonprofit administration with the hope of one day becoming a well-rounded global missionary. As Blair is taking her online college classes, she is serving full-time with Envision Cleveland and is very involved with the North Coast of Haiti Mission. 

Ever since Blair was a young child, she knew that she wanted to be a missionary. Since her initial calling, she has had several opportunities to participate in both local ministries and international ministries that confirmed her calling into missions and ministries.


Blair has spent the last two and a half years living and working as a full time missionary and learning to discover how God is still moving throughout the world. Blair was the Mission Programs Manager at the Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland for one and a half years; Blair was an international mission worker through the Methodist Church in Rio Bravo, Mexico for three months; Blair was an English teacher at the Dondon Methodist school in Haiti for three months; and the rest of the time Blair has been working as a staff person with Envision Cleveland. 


Blair has a heart for serving ALL of God’s people around the world, but she has a particular passion for serving forsaken and rejected people. Blair wants to help cultivate dreamers out of lost people, who are then empowered to use their God-given gifts to bring hope and change into the communities around them.

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