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Team House Accomodations

Welcome to our Envision Team house! It is located at:
4249 W 24th Street
Cleveland, OH 44109
Feel free to park in the driveway or on the street.

Our team house has three floors.
1st floor: shared living space with kitchen and bathroom
2nd floor: women's floor with 5 sets of bunk beds (10 beds), bathroom, small living and kitchen area
3rd floor: men's floor with 6 sets of bunk beds (12 beds), bathroom, small living area

Please bring your own towels and bedding (twin sheets or sleeping bag). We have pillows you can use, but you will need to bring your own pillowcase.
*If you would like to save on packing space by renting Envision Cleveland bedding, please contact the Program Coordinator to arrange and pay for this.
20240523_153049 (1).jpg
Envision Team House
4249 W 24th St
Cleveland, OH 44109
2nd floor - women's living area
3rd floor - men's living area
Shared 1st floor living space
2nd floor - women's sleeping area
3rd floor.jpg
3rd floor - men's sleeping area
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